Sunday, 6 September 2015

Banbury :: 06 September 2015

Usually feeding the birds result in photos of birds, but not today. Wood MouseWatched this cute fella after I scattered seeds, suet and nuts under the pole for ground feeders. He certainly is one, but not necessarily the intended recipient - he is more than welcome though.

WWT Barnes, London :: 05 September 2015

After a busy week in Switzerland, Germany, France and the office, Saturday was Ailsa's PiXL Choir event in Vauxhall/Oval. Off just after 7.30am and a reasonably smooth journey down the M40/M4/A4 and over Vauxhall bridge. Ailsa and two friends delivered to the Lilian Baylis Technology School I decided to make the 7.5 mile journey to WWT Barnes London. Journey took 50+ minutes - what a way to live.

Eventually got to the site, paid and tried to remember the best route from my only previous visit, but couldn't. Green woodpeckerHeaded off on the West Route. Stopped at the Headley Discovery Hide but nothing of consequence seen there. Better further on at the Wildside Hide. Nice but distant views of a green woodpecker. Bizarrely I haven't managed to catch up with one of the this year until now. Thanks to a chap in the corner who brought my attention to a sparrrowhawk passing over the lagoon.

Back round, through the Visitor Centre and across to the Peacock Tower. More visible from here but still relatively quiet - I say quiet but in terms of number there was a "swarm" of house martins all across the water and periphery. A good spot by one of the locals of a wheatear bobbing on a far bank was the highlight. Unfortunately missed the snipe that were supposed to be visible from here but had to leave due to time pressure. Grabbed a sandwich in the cafe and off back to pick up Ailsa and friends. Hammersmith Bridge was rammed and so back across Putney and another 50min journey to collect.

Sightings for the day (29) included: coot, moorhen, mallard, feral pigeon, house martin, lesser black-backed gull, woodpigeon, carrion crow, mute swan, canada goose, tufted duck, green woodpecker, grey heron, great crested grebe, black-headed gull, shoveler, sparrowhawk, lapwing, starling, blue tit, cormorant, teal, pochard, wigeon, gadwall, wheatear, little grebe, jackdaw and magpie.