Sunday, 20 March 2011

Brandon Marsh :: 19 March 2011

This week Ailsa is the guest blogger!

Just as the weatherman promised, it was a stunning day. After our journey we popped into the "Badger Tea Room" to get refreshing hot chocolates and a latte to start off our day at Brandon Marshes. Surprisingly, looking out the window, there was no sight of the usual nuthatch which we were very disappointed about.

Whilst in the East Marsh Pool Hide, we noticed that the lapwings were using their warning call. We soon found a sparrowhawk dragging down a lapwing into the water; the sparrowhawk was too strong for the little lapwing and soon drowned and ate it.

Near the end of our long walk we found a Robin perched on an branch. I held out my hand not expecting the robin to fly towards me; I got a little bit scared and I took my hand away, so sadly it flew back on the branch. Only if I had been braver we could have got a beautiful picture of the robin on my hand, but we did get a stunning picture of the robin on a branch. I never knew how loud robins could sing. Well you do learn something new everyday.

Walking back to the centre we found a couple of rabbits and also some at the roadside when we were driving out of the car park. All in all a wonderful visit yet again to Brandon Marshes.

Our spots included: magpie, carrion crow, greylag goose, blue tit, robin, great tit, feral pigeon, chaffinch, dunnock, reed bunting, coal tit, woodpigeon, buzzard, canada geese, long-tailed tit, mute swan, mallard, coot, Chiffchaffkestrel, great-spotted woodpecker, tufted duck, teal, lapwing, shellduck, black headed gull, shoveler, wigeon, common gull, blackbird, great crested grebe, black backed gull, oystercatcher , snipe, sparrowhawk, redpoll and chiffchaff which came to 36 species. Our highlight bird was the redpoll and sadly no bittern, but we returned with a beautiful snapshot of a chiffchaff.

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