Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Brandon Marsh :: 29 March 2011

Reports of the visiting spotted crake reached me while I was at work on Monday. "Damn" I thought - it first showed just 1½hrs after I left on Sunday. It was apparent that after a quiet day the crake had been active late in the day at around 1835. Up then at 0530 this morning to have a peek and hopefully add it to the list. A 40min drive and a short walk later I joined about 10 people in the East Marsh Pool hide. Eager to see the bird, I just joined the vigil. A few tens of minutes later it became apparent that a fox had paraded around the reeds and the front of the hide about 10-15mins before I arrived. So that is why it was so quiet for that next hour!Sunrise over Brandon Marsh

Unfortunately another 40mins drive home and I was ready for work, having missed this spot. Checking the boards the spotted crake did show later, at least on three occassions. Damn again.

Beautiful sunrise over the misty pool though.

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