Sunday, 26 August 2012

West Kilbride and Seamill :: 26 August 2012

Well, a late rain shower around lunchtime cleared to allow us down to Portencross Beach.  A nice walk from the castle to the beach allowed views across the various arable fields.  Once on the beach we were combing for interesting shells and then walked around to our usual rocks to sit and look across to Arran.

Fuelled by jelly babies, we logged the various passing birds: carrion crow, rook, lesser blacked back gull, herring gull, black headed gull, oystercatcher, ringed plover, wheatear, linnet, redshank, starling, housemartin, swallow, house sparrow, wood pigeon, robin, curlew, pheasant, cormorant, gannet, pied and white wagtail.

Jelly babies not constituting a main meal, or even one of your five-a-day, we headed back to the castle then home for mediterranean chicken with orzo pasta; delicious!

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