Sunday, 10 February 2013

In the garden, Banbury :: 09 February 2013

GoldcrestA late rise and "take it easy" morning.  So it was when making a late breakfast I saw what initially appeared to be a wren, hopping about in the tree on the edge of the garden.  Though, as it came to the end of a branch, it was apparent I was wrong and it was in fact a Goldcrest!; a first for our garden.  It must have spent a good 30mins moving around the tree but never quite slowing down or coming out into the open.  And then it was gone.

No sooner had I put the camera down, disappointed not to have a better photo, than a friend turned up not 5 feet from where the Goldcrest had been. Sparrowhawk Our Sparrowhawk came and sat on the wall having failed to snatch whichever bird had been bobbing along the garden edge.  This following morning the Sparrowhawk could again be seen on a nearby rooftop, sitting in the rain for at least 10mins.  Visitors beware!

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