Friday, 4 December 2015

Farmoor Reservoir :: 04 December 2015

After three long weeks, including a trip to China, it was time for a day off. Grey PhalaropeReports of a long staying (now pair of) grey phalaropes took me off to Farmoor Reservoir. Spots of rain as I arrived so waited just a few minutes for it to pass. Up onto the path and soon came across the pair of phalaropes feeding along the waters edge, seemingly un-phased by my presence. I was joined by a few others to watch as they progressed back and forward in front of us. Walked around F1 further and had the opportunity to talk with a volunteer from WkWT Brandon Marsh and spot the red-necked grebe.

Grey PhalaropeA most enjoyable visit, despite the arrival of rain again as I left to sort out my car down on the Cowley Road.

Today's sightings (21) included: blackbird, black-headed gull, carrion crow, coot, cormorant, fieldfare, great-crested grebe, grey phalarope, grey wagtail, lesser black-backed gull, little grebe, magpie, mallard, moorhen, pied wagtail, red kite, red-necked grebe, redshank, redwing, tufted duck and woodpigeon.

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