Sunday, 19 February 2017

At home, Banbury :: 12 February 2017

What a way to spend Sunday lunch. Sunday lunch - sparrowhawkWe were sitting there tucking into our roast beef when Charlotte spotted a sparrowhawk on the back fence. Not the first time we've had one there but we haven't had one since last summer. It hung around until the end of the course so I ran upstairs to take a photo. I saw why it was staying around; it had a group of sparrow, dunnock and blackbird trapped in a forsythia bush. The sprawk grew tired of waiting and climed into the bush. At this point a couple of sparrows and a blackbird made a break for it and briefly the sparrowhawk made chase but soon realising how difficult it had been to Sunday lunch - sparrowhawkextract itself from the bush.

It then started circling the bush from the ground trying to spook the remaining quarry. After quite some time a dunnock was foolish enough to break out and was dispatched with ease. The sprawk then sat on the fence and post plucking and devouring its catch - amazing. Posted some photos on Twitter and managed to get a retweet and comment from @ChrisGPackham.

Apple pie to finish!Sunday lunch - sparrowhawk

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