Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Grimsbury Reservoir :: 11 & 12 September 2017

As I was leaving work I checked my phone to see if there were any interesting reports on Twitter. I came upon a photo of a grey phalarope and stopped to enjoy the image. I then noticed it was a post from @987jonty and that the bird was less than a mile from me. I contacted the guys on site and confirmed that the bird was still there - it was so I hot footed it over there.

I arrived just after a downpour of rain and the guys were feeling a little wet and cold. Another great find by @987jonty!

As the bird foraged along the east bank it appeared to be Grey phalaropesuffering a little and it's walk a little laboured - injured or just tired? The weather perked up and by the time @Vanellus26 and I packed up we counted 18 people had attended. Two swifts joined a significant flock of hirundines as we left - there are a few hanging on in there it seems.

During the following morning I checked with @987jonty whether he had been able to check out the site before work, and confirm the bird was still there. He had, and it was! At lunch I saw the sun was out so dropped into the Reservoir again for a few photos, in better light. Six or so people were already there and the bird appeared to be in better spirits and showing very well.

Back to work a happy man.

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