Sunday, 22 April 2018

Balscote Quarry :: 19 April 2018

This Banbury Birders WhatsApp Group is proving to be the sure way to communicate what is going on around town. Tonight we had an update that there was a short-eared owl hunting across Balscote Quarry. A few of us shot over but by this time a buzzard had flushed the bird and it had moved over the field edge and out of sight, not to return. Just our luck.

While there it would be rude not to look and I added little ringed plover [#108] to the year list. As the sun dropped below the horizon most left, until just @Vanellus26 and I remained. The final bird of the day was a barn owl [#109] sitting on the screen on the other side of the water, flying only 10 feet or so then returning to the sit on the screen. Another barn owl popped it's head out the box but soon disappeared.

A few pipistrelle bats fed between the trees as we packed up and left.

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