Monday, 9 April 2018

Grimsbury Reservoir :: 09 April 2018

I was just about to leave the house for work when I received an update from Twitter - @987jonty had been out early again and had found a Common scotercommon scoter at Grimsbury Reservoir. I packed up my stuff, jumped in the car and dropped in on the way to the office.

As I arrived and parked, I met Mike Pollard. We walked round to the west bank and could already see a black duck in the middle of the water [#101].

We could see @987jonty further round and he made his way to us - the bird had spent the entire time in the middle of the water. As we watched swallows [#102] and house martins [#103] circled, picking up flies as they went.

We all set off for work but @987jonty and Mike suggested they might drop in after work, Grey wagtailMike on his way to the BOS meeting. In fact, when I returned at lunchtime, Mike was there and I'd just missed @987jonty. The scoter was in exactly the same position - too far for a good photo. I didn't see the little ringed plover that had been there just minutes before I arrived but did see a grey wagtail [#104].

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