Monday, 7 May 2018

BOS Balscote Quarry & Shenington :: 06 May 2018

The WhatsApp group reported the arrival of wood sandpiper and whimbrel at breakfast time, but I didn't pick this up until mid-morning. Wood sandpiperThe whimbrel was reported to have already departed but the wood sandpiper remained - I jumped in the car and headed over. The viewing area was empty when I arrived but the wood sandpiper (#122) was still there. Distant and with the heat haze, a bit difficult to get a photo of.

Roger Evans and Mark turned up to see if they could see the mistle thrush - on the long day count in SP43. I followed them to a field back along the main road as Mark had seen some red-legged partridge there on his way (couldn't get Roger to slow down enough to be sure). Nothing showing.

SkylarkI went to Draycote Water for a circuit but this was pointless from a birding perspective due to the rest of humanity deciding to go there too. Still, got some exercise.

I've often heard people mention Shenington Airfield and so I dropped the car in Shenington and strolled around the paths and bridleways for a while. I spotted reed bunting, red kite, whitethroat and linnet. The best encounter though was with a skylark who dropped into the grass and stayed there, presumably thinking it was hidden. I took a few photos before some dog-walkers arrived and scared it off. I presume it was off to feed young given the contents of it's beak.

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