Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Grimsbury Reservoir :: 01 & 02 May 2018

A quick lunchtime visit on Tuesday to see if I could see anything of interest - @grimsbury_birds mentioned hearing redstart, etc. The usual array of jackdaw, crow, rook, great-crested grebe, mallard joined by whitethroat, linnet, chiffchaff, but nothing out of the ordinary. Good to get the fresh air.

An alert on Wednesday from @987jonty at breakfast time to say that the squally conditions had dropped in a sanderling. As I arrived (after dropping Ailsa at school) the rain was persistent. SanderlingI crossed with @987jonty and @grimsbury_birds who joked that it had been joined by three others and then left 5 minutes earlier; the answer I deserved when asking if it was still on-site! They also mentioned that a wheatear had flown through while they watched.

I walked round to the NW corner but found only a pair of pied wagtails. Not much further round I then found the sanderling (#118), working the shoreline back to the NW corner. As the others predicted, the weather was worse on the return as the wind was blowing it directly into your face. No sign of a wheatear either.

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