Sunday, 13 May 2018

Stanwick Lakes :: 13 May 2018

Charlotte was going to be playing tennis so I thought I would try somewhere new - I decided upon Stanwick Lakes as there was a post first thing suggesting Garganey had been seen.

A small queue to get in and quite a crowd around the car park - I should have realised that it might be popular on a sunny Sunday. There were events for kids at the front of the Visitor Centre. WhitethroatI ducked past these and grabbed a sandwich and drink before heading out. Not far from the Centre I could hear sedge warbler calling and it wasn't long before I saw the first of many. I reached the first hide (noted to be where the garganey had been spotted) but couldn't see it.

I decided to continue on and heard reed warbler, chiffchaff and whitethroat as I walked - some decent views of the latter two. There were many black-headed gulls and a few common terns on the islands. A kestrel was hunting across the site and I saw it a few times. As I turned to head back, I could see a hobby high ahead. As I approached I hoped for a photo but it sailed away before I got in range.Chiffchaff

I tried another circuit, this time taking in the other hides. Nothing new there. 4.7 miles and no garganey - I think I am going to have this as my bogey bird this year.

Sightings (33) included: black-headed gull, blackbird, canada goose, carrion crow, chaffinch, chiffchaff, coot, cormorant, gadwall, goldfinch, great crested grebe, great tit, grey heron, greylag goose, hobby, kestrel, lapwing, lesser black-backed gull, little egret, magpie, mallard, moorhen, mute swan, oystercatcher, reed bunting, reed warbler, sedge warbler, shoveler, swift, tufted duck, whitethroat, woodpigeon and wren.

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