Sunday, 2 September 2018

Farmoor Reservoir :: 02 September 2018

A tremendously good time at Birmingham Symphony Hall last night, entertained by Ward Thomas, Imelda May and Texas. A late arrival home but awake by 6.30am. I decided to drop into Farmoor Reservoir as the weather was to be good and changing Monday.

The water was calm when I arrived and still too early for most to be out in boats on F2. Almost the first bird up was a little grebe diving beside the valve tower.Little grebe A number of coot were diving alongside. A father and his two children were feeding ducks and a dozen or so juvenile black-headed gulls.

I headed for the causeway and soon picked out terns working along F1; there were 6 and appeared to be the black terns [#138] I'd missed all year. Three guys were seated by the first set of buildings, watching the terns; they appeared to be over towards the other bank but we all decided they were probably closer to the middle. I continued on but didn't see anything on the causeway, other than Canada and greylag geese. As I passed one group though, Dunlina juvenile dunlin fed at the waters edge.

I reached the end of the causeway and decided to make a circuit of F1 and hope to get closer to the black terns. As I went round they always seemed to be distant, as I had feared. I did come across calling chiffchaff and a number of willow warbler. As I sat and watched the tern I saw a couple of birds cutting across the surface of the water and took a couple of photos - it turned out to be a yellow wagtail [#139] chasing a common sandpiper; these sandpiper seem to get chased a bit and I remember seeing similar behaviour at Grimsbury Reservoir, although on that occasion it was pied rather than yellow wagtail. Black tern

I took a few record shots of the terns but they never got close enough for a proper shot.

As I passed the water treatment buildings I saw another (same?) yellow wagtail and a small flock of linnet. Ahead I also saw a kestrel on a fence but it moved ahead before I got close.

I had another look along the causeway before I headed for home, but the tern were still far out. I bought a coffee to get change for the car park barrier and headed home.

Sightings (30) included: black-headed gull, black tern, Black ternblue tit, buzzard, canada goose, carrion crow, chiffchaff, common sandpiper, coot, cormorant, dunlin, goldfinch, great crested grebe, grey heron, grey wagtail, greylag goose, kestrel, lesser black-backed gull, linnet, little grebe, mallard, moorhen, mute swan, pied wagtail, swallow, teal, tufted duck, willow warbler, woodpigeon and yellow wagtail.

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