Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Temple Pool :: 12 September 2018

At the Banbury Ornithological Society monthly meeting on Monday, we had our regular bird callout. At this point I heard mostly reports that I was already aware, of or had read. One from Mark Ribbons though was for three mandarin ducks at Temple Pool, two in transitional summer plumage. Mandarin duckTalking to him later I asked where this pool was and he explained that it was on the left of the road, almost halfway between the Shenington turn (toward the recycling centre) and Upton House. I looked this up and found it to be at grid reference SP374447 - there is a gate and space to pull in off the road.

Mark had explained they were "flighty" and so I arrived at the pool carefully making sure I moved quietly and slowly. This was still too much and as soon as I passed the gate, a duck took off and flew off down to the far end of the pool, beside the righthand bank. Soon it came into sight but only for a few tens of seconds as it disappeared behind an island. Mandarin duckDespite waiting it never reappeared. My photos were unfortunately from a distance of just under 200m.

Two great spotted woodpecker flew over and into the top of a distant tree, although visible with binoculars. Making a bit of a racket.

On the way back to the car I heard jay in the trees but no sighting. I did though have a view of a hare feeding on the hillside which was nice.

Sightings included: blue tit, carrion crow, great spotted woodpecker, jackdaw, magpie, mallard, mandarin duck, red kite, rook and woodpigeon.

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