Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Bucknell Wood :: 02 September 2020

We'd arranged to meet a friend and go for a walk in Bucknell Woods. I carried my camera although I wasn't likely to do much actual birding. We'd originally planned to meet in the afternoon but work plans had required a late rearrangement - in the end this worked out for us as it rained after lunch.

I spotted chiffchaff and great spotted woodpecker as we started out, and later was glad to find a flock of at least 15 crossbills in the same place I'd seen them before.

Common crossbill

The crossbills were quite mobile, overhead crossing the path from tree to tree but eventually congregating together.

I didn't pick out anything particularly unusual, but didn't really hunt as I might have done if I'd been on my own; then again that wasn't the point today.

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