Monday, 26 October 2020

Bucknell Woods :: 26 October 2020

The forecast unexpectedly changed and it appeared that it was going to stay dry. We jumped into the car and headed for Bucknell Woods as we hadn't walked there for a while. The road from the A43 was blocked due to roadworks and so we had to circle round through Towcester to come in from the other direction.

Heading up the main path from the car park there were a number of goldcrest and then more as we reached the crossroads and our right turn. We also had blue, coal and great tits and then a treecreeper. Walking on we heard and then briefy saw a chiffchaff and then again more goldcrests.

The sky released some rain and we took cover in the trees. As we waited a flock of circa 15 birds headed over and called when they were out of view. I'm pretty sure these were the crossbills that have been there for the last few months - still there! Another treecreeper appeared to our right.




The rain fell again and we opted for a shorter route than usual, returning back to the car. Just before we reached the exit a small flock of redwing caught our eye and yet another treecreeper, this time one of a pair.

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