Monday, 28 December 2020

Wroxton :: 28 December 2020

Despite the forecast for snow, none arrived. The weather stayed dry and so after lunch we decided to go out for another walk. Staying local again we opted for a walk around Wroxton.

We parked outside the gates of Wroxton College - the gates were pulled shut and signs indicated the grounds are closed "until further notice". We decided to take Dark Lane up to the house by father-in-law had designed and built.

We followed the public footpath passed the dovecot and down between the pools near the sluice. As we stood looking at the pool I pointed to a post and suggested that it would be a good spot for kingfisher - less than 30s later, a kingfisher (f) approached but over the top of the post and into a tree beyond. It surveyed the water below and eventually launched itself into the water; on exit we couldn't see that it had been successful.

The bird worked its way along the bank, but away from us. Fortunately it then started working back up the other side and gave us an opportunity for a photo, although in shocking light. A second bird appeared and the two returned to the far end of the pool. We thought our luck was in when one flew in our direction, but it passed us and back into the College grounds. The other bird disappeared and so we decided to move on.


We started up the hill towards the obelisk and heard a green woodpecker ahead. On the brow of the hill it flew right to left and landed on a post. It paused for a couple of minutes and then further left. We reached the brow and followed the direction that the woodpecker had taken.

Green woodpecker

At the end of the field we saw the green woodpecker again, but only as it disappesared into the trees. A buzzard took off from the trees and started soaring behind us.

Climbing after the pool on the return I stopped to look at some habitat that looked perfect for goldcrest. As if by magic a pair appeared, one giving a pretty good impression of a treecreeper. Charlotte had already reached the summit and so I quickly followed.


Back on Dark Lane we turned up the hill, round passed the Primary School and back down the street to the duck pond.

A cold one but pleasant again.

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