Friday, 26 February 2021

Another afternoon off so I thought I'd take my exercise by Balscote again and see if I could connect with the redpoll, or even better the male merlin. Neither would come to pass. On arrival two pairs of older ladies were there, fully kitted out - two had walked up from Balscote and the other two were in a car. They all stayed for a while and so I generally kept my distance only pointing out the brambling to a couple as the four showed in the low sun.

There appear to be three moorhen now and the two little grebe are hanging on in there. There is still no sight of the stonechat that was on site at the weekend.

Under the feeders, a couple of red-legged partridge strutted while a third flew across onto the bank beside the Stratford Road. Later a mutjac deer appeared there briefly, as did a pheasant.

Red-legged partridge
Red-legged partridge

There is always one photo that makes you look a bit odd, even if you are a looker!

Red-legged partridge

As the light faded, the number of linnet wasn't as high as it had been the day before and the Canada geese had made other arrangements - as I write it appears that 59 were counted at daybreak on the floods at Ironstone Lane. Kevin Heath appeared and while getting excited by a bird that tuned out (through his scope) not to be what he'd thought he picked out 4 lovely bullfinches (2m2f). Another two muntjac grazed on the opposite bank as we packed up and left.

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