Thursday, 18 February 2021

Farnborough CP :: 17 February 2021

A visit to the lakes by Farnborough Hall for a short exercise walk with her indoors. As was the case on Sunday, rain was forecast and so we couldn't hang around. We set out clockwise from the car park and onto the main lake, taking the left hand turn at the t-junction. As we turned, a mute swan hissed catching our attention - beyond a pair of goosander cruised over the water where only days before the surface was thick with ice.


Five teal fed at the far end, amongst a group of mallard. Passing the waterfall a small bird flitted around a bush and eventually showed as a goldcrest. Very mobile, it made it impossible for me to get a good shot and soon I gave up - frustrating as I usually get one when it is that close. Great to see it feeding so vigerously.

At the gate into the field leading back to the car park a nuthatch called above us and showed briefly. Back down the path to the lake we turned right, passing the goosander once again, this time further out across on the opposite bank. We continued on and round onto the opposite side, choosing the high path due to the muddy paths - another nuthatch called above us but we didn't get a view. After a couple of hundred metres we found a treecreeper which didn't appear to have any fear of being near us - perhaps the same one from Sunday.


A great spotted woodpecker drummed in the canopy above, eventually flying away from us. On the return we came across another calling nuthatch but it was likely the same one we had heard on the outward leg. We spun round and back along a path to the village and back again, just for the extra steps.

In the car we set off home only for the rain to start almost immediately.

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