Saturday, 14 May 2016

Grimsbury Reservoir :: 13 May 2016

I dropped into the Reservoir to see the arctic tern reported by @987jonty earlier in the day. GoldfinchFortunately for me the tern had stayed, and it appeared to be the same for @987jonty! Picked up both lesser and common whitethroat, blackbird, reed bunting, song thrush, arctic tern, great-crested grebe, lesser black-backed gull, mallard, coot, goldfinch greenfinch, carrion crow, rook and grey heron.

I continued onto the Borrow Pit to see if the channel wagtail was showing but no sign. The grasshopper warbler heard earlier in the day was also silent. A good try. Unfortunately as light levels were low, shots of the tern were pretty poor.

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