Monday, 29 April 2019

Spiceball Park, Banbury :: 29 April 2019

Shot out tonight as Colin Wilkinson has again found a Wood Warbler in Spiceball Park. He got the news out quickly and word spread. Fortunately I was able to drop what I was doing in head down. As I parked and found Colin it was obvious where the bird was, and Colin had managed to eventually get himself a decent photo of the bird. Wood warbler

It had been singing from trees by the northern footbridge, but by the time I got there it rarely sang and stayed high and mobile - sun soon falling away. I did manage to get a photo of sorts. I heard from Mark Ribbons and confirmed the bird was still there and it was not long before he was there enjoying views but with the bird starting to move from tree to tree and also getting higher.

As the light started to draw in the bird disappeared from sight and became quiet - Mark and I left and headed for the cars.

Well done Colin - 4 years in a row now!

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