Friday, 3 May 2019

Grimsbury Reservoir :: 03 May 2019

I was replying to emails at work from early and eventually decided to go to the kitchen and get a coffee, just before 9.00am. While waiting for the kettle to come to the boil, I found that @987jonty had posted in the WhatsApp Group - "RED-RUMPED SWALLOW at Grimsbury!!". In reply there were various posts of astonishment including the obvious "Ruddy Hell !!!!" and "I'm on my way!". I dropped everything and headed for the door. Red-rumped swallow

I got to the reservoir and opted to turn right - wrong. As I got passed the sailing club I saw that birders were on exactly to opposite side of the reservoir to me - I had to do the long circuit. I got there and it didn't take long to spot the bird. Helpfully it also landed on distant railings so that we could see it standing still. It had landed right beside some arriving Oxford boys who managed to take advantage of their luck - I expect to see that they have the best photos/videos from today. I had been talking with Mike Pollard and we opted to walk closer. I took a couple of record shots. Good numbers of sand and house martin, swallow and swifts. Unfortunately it took off and I had to leave as I had to get back to work.

The RRS left late morning and wasn't seen over lunchtime. At teatime to appeared to have returned and so after dinner I popped back. I saw the bird again but also got rained on. @old_caley turned up having been in Welsh woods for the day and has now reached #206 for the year. We had a sparrowhawk through which caused some excitement amongst the collected hirundines.

Left as the light was giving out.

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