Sunday, 3 May 2020

Banbury :: 03 May 2020

I set the alarm to go out for International Dawn Chorus Day. The weather didn't look promising but with a Foxflask of coffee and the camera in hand, I ventured out. I was stunned to encounter a welcome but unexpected visitor to my ground feeder - a lovely fox.

I took a chair from the garden table and set it up by the patio doors and sat to listen to the morning song, taking long deep breaths; what a great way to relax.

The feeders were already busy with my goldfinch x canary mule, goldfinch, robin, blue tit, great tit, blackbird, starling, magpie, dunnock, woodpigeon, collared dove, carrion crow and greenfinch all visiting. Although I was primarily there to listen to the birdsong, I also noted a silent mallard pass over at around 20 ft.Fox

As I sat, a newly fledged blackbird that has been in the garden for a few days now, joined me on the patio feeding along the edge of the grass. Amazingly unconcerned about my presence but hopefully it will become a bit more streetwise soon so as the avoid the local sparrowhawk.Blackbird

The woodpigeons have built in number with up to seven at a time and the magpie seems to enjoy chasing the starlings whenever he visits, often just turning up to do this then leaving again straight away.

By 6.15am the rain had strengthened and I retreated indoors but opened a window to continue listening to the morning birdsong. Think I'll get another coffee on the go, make a bacon roll and listen to the RSPB Dawn Chorus Soundscape from their reserves. I'll likely also catch up with Chris Packham's broadcast from today after that.

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