Friday, 8 May 2020

Banbury :: 07 May 2020

The sky has been a bird more overcast of an evening and so I've stopped playing Foxwith star trails for the moment. Perhaps I'll have a go in the southern sky just for something to do when the night sky is clear again - there should be less light pollution in that direction as I am on the south side of the town.

Getting up early for International Dawn Chorus Day I was lucky enough to find a beautiful fox munching away on sunflower seeds from my ground feeder. I've therefore decided to get out my trail camera and have a play with that. We have been seeing hedgehogs every night but we hadn't been aware of the foxes visiting, and so this camera should capture what is happening overnight. It has also had the benefit of capturing some common behaviour of one of our magpies who seems to take great delight in scattering starling flocks when they congregate on the lawn. I posted about this on Twitter and have embedded a short video of the usual sightings we have.

With the trail camera I have picked up several hedgehogs, and at least three individuals - two tolerate each other, and at times another is subjected to some aggressive behaviour. It is also interesting to note that when foxes are in the garden they pay little attention to the hedgehogs and won't stay long if the hedgehog is 'hogging' the ground feeder. There are definitely two separate foxes visiting, with one showing black socks on the front legs - the other is the female.

On a second occasion now, we have had a fox feeding just as sunrise is approaching; so those images in apparent daylight are actually just before dawn - modern cameras for you! The foxes then disappear before people are around and the recordings are left to the birds.

Typically the hedgehogs set off the traps about a dozen times a night and the foxes visit two or three times - but typically individually.

So many bad things are happening outside at the moment, is is nice for these situations to arise and give me diversions to working from home and not getting out and about.

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