Monday, 10 August 2020

Bucknell Woods :: 09 August 2020

It was a hot one and I'd opted to do a bit of gardening in the morning then washed the car - the first time since February half term.

Dropped into Bucknell Woods again and predictably came across the chiffchaff which appear to be regulars by the entrance to the wood. Onwards I could hear some frantic blackbird calling and as I approached I could see a great spotted woodpecker climbing through a tree - soon departing. The blackbirds didn't stop calling and when I got level I could see it was two males but niether paid any attention to me. Not sure what that was about.

As I scanned the treetops afew coal tit passed through, then a couple of nuthatch.

More chiffchaff along the path and then eight crossbills over. While watching butterflies a very large wasp or hornet bothered them. Turning for home I had the eight crossbill over again but away from my intended path.

A shame I didn't get any improved views of crossbill but a nice walk nonetheless.

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